In Vietnam, the demand for using corrugated iron roofs is very popular from factories, garages to corrugated iron roofs of households, etc.
Therefore, the need to use the most effective heat-resistant paint for corrugated iron roofs today is of great interest.

With a hot and humid climate like Vietnam, in the summer days the temperature will increase very high. For households, the corrugated iron roof construction will feel hot even when using the air conditioner because most corrugated iron roofs do not have the ability to insulate.

One of the best solutions to reduce the temperature to help prevent heat for the factory is to use heat-resistant insulation paint. With hot weather, using anti-heat paint will increase labor productivity and save energy use. Protect and increase the durability of the corrugated iron roof, reduce the noise on the corrugated iron roof when it rains heavily.
Therefore, anti-heat paint was born with the task of being able to reduce the temperature from the outside to the house, both saving electricity and helping the space become cooler.

In order to help cool and save electricity for buildings, factories, etc. in hot summer days, we provide COOL TOP SI SUPER HEAT RESISTANT PAINT, imported in whole Japanese domestic containers, distributed in Vietnam. Named by Sankyo Viet Nam Co., Ltd.

Paint ‘‘COOL TOP SI SUPER’’ is an insulating coating so it is very effective for construction works (residential, industrial, agricultural, gas and oil fields,…). This insulation coating can be applied on many types of building materials such as concrete, metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc.


 ‘‘COOL TOP SI SUPER’’ is used to paint on corrugated iron roofs, tile roofs and walls of factories to help reduce the absorption of heat from spreading to the house. In addition, with high durability, “COOL TOP SI SUPER” paint can withstand very harsh weather environments.
extremes such as heat up to 140°C or very cold. Paint has a long life of up to 10-15 years, helping to save big costs for businesses.


Uses of SUZUKA COOL TOP SI heat-insulating paint:
– Used to paint on corrugated iron roofs, tile roofs, factory walls… to reflect sunlight and limit absorption
vent heat into the house.


  • The thermal insulation options with Suzuka paint include:Option 1:  New corrugated iron roof, roofed but not rusted. Clean the surface, paint 1-2 layers

    Cool top si super heat resistant paint.

    Option 2:  The corrugated iron roof has rusted. Cleaning, removing rust, washing with
    clean water. Paint a layer of anti-rust primer, then apply 1-2 coats of anti-heat.

    Option 3:  The corrugated iron roof has been painted and needs repainting. Remove layers of paint that do not have good adhesion, clean. Rusty areas need to use Suzuka anti-rust primer, then use Cool top si super heat resistant paint. Areas that are not rusted, use paint
    Heat pipe according to option 1.

    Option 4:  For concrete walls facing the sun. Layer one dilute about 10-15% clean water. Subsequent coats of normal paint do not need to be added.

    SUZUKA COOL TOP SI SUPER paint is trusted by many partners and investors, the product is packed in 16kg/1 carton


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