3D Model Design Service


There are various patterns for 3D data creation requests. Therefore, there is also a variety of references for 3D data creation. To meet a wide range of customers’ 3D conversion needs, we carry out 3D modeling from various information such as the following:
Paper drawing
2D CAD data
Photos and sketches
Hearing the images in your mind


BIM is an abbreviation of Building Information Modeling and a solution for utilizing information in the database of architectural works that have added attribute data such as cost, finishing and management information to a digital model of a 3D building created on a computer in every process from designing, construction to maintenance , and it is also the new workflow for architecture that will be changed by those things.

BIM Coordination & BIMx

Access easily to BIM projects anytime, anywhere
BIMx, the ultimate BIM presentation application, provides a 2D and 3D integrated navigation of BIM data by a unique Hyper-model concept. By providing easy access to BIM data, BIMx connects designers, builders, and owners , and makes communication in architectural projects be smoother.