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Alkyd paint

  • Description: Alkyd original paint 01 component.
  • Uses: Paints for steel surfaces, dry fast, easy to apply.

Epoxy paint

  • Description: Epoxy original paint 02 components
  • Uses: Paints for steel surfaces. Good adhesion. Use for indoor environments.

PU paint

  • Description: Original 02 component Urethane paint.
  • Uses: Coatings for steel surfaces. Resistant to good weather outdoors.

Floor paint

  • Description: Paint 02, 03 components depending on the type of paint roller or flat.
  • Uses: Often used for clean rooms, electronics factories, food …

Heat resistant paint

  • Uses: Use paint for machines, equipment subject to high temperatures.
  • Colors: Gray, silver color.

Heat-reducing paint

  • Uses: paint for corrugated iron roofs in factories to reduce internal temperatures.
  • Colors: white, gray …