Dr. HardoLass _ Glass Coating

//Dr. HardoLass _ Glass Coating

Dr.HardoLass helps prevention of fomite transmission by making the applied surface antiviral and antibacterial.

Created and made in Japan, HARDOLASS is a glass coating agent that turns into an inorganic ultra-thin glass after reacting to air.

We do not provide an ordinary disinfection service.
After disinfecting the area that lasts up to 30 days, we use our very own antiviral and antibacterial coating agent Dr.HardoLass that lasts up to 5 years onto places where people touch often, to prevent Bacteria and Virus.

The antiviral and antibacterial effects:

   * Inactivates 99.999% of the viruses

* Lasts for approximately 5 years




1. The antiviral and antibacterial components radicalize the O2 and H2O in the air.
2. The radicalized O2 and H2O attacks and destroys the viruses and bacteria.
3. The viruses and bacteria become inactive.