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Ales Shiquy Paint

Solve 4 problems in painting on wall

Antibacterial function

Bacteria that are invisible to  the naked eye may enter on your body at any time.

Ales Shiquy paint helps to control the reproduction and development of harmful bacteria.

Deodorant function

The smell of cigarettes, pets or draw garbage is the cause of air pillution in your room.

Ales Shiquy Paint can absorb and purify the smell of freshfood, pets or cigarettes.

Condensation control function

If condensation is ignored, mold may grow inside the wall or invisible places

Ales Shiquy with porous structure can control condensation and balance humidity in your room

VOC removal function

Absorb volatile compounds that are harmful to health.

Ease your anxiety about the organic compounds that cause sick house syndrome.

*Sick building syndrome is a name for a condition that’s attributed too poor indoor air quality.

The reason why you should choose our Ales Shiquy Paint

Maximize the excellent functions without the texture.

Just dilute with water and paint directly onto the wall.

Deodorizing and antibacterial effect is recognized by Japan Verification Center